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      Meet the Author: alexandervelky
      Alexander Velky
      Alexander grew up on Anglesey, almost as far away from civilization as he’d have liked. He studied English at university and subsequently moved to Prague to teach it to Czech people for just long enough that he could say he’d done that. He then returned to the UK to do an MA in Professional Writing, and later moved to London by accident and worked in the music industry for a while. His interest in wine has been developing throughout. He took the WSET Intermediate exam, for which he was rewarded with a certificate and a pin badge, but he probably won't bother doing any more. He now lives in Pembrokeshire with his wife and daughter. He writes, and drinks, for a living. You can follow him on Twitter if that's how you choose to spend your time. Photograph by Léonie Keeble

      Freedom Ridge 2009 Shiraz

      Freedom Ridge is one of Marks & Spencer’s Californian labels from...

      Gran Cerdo Spanish Tempranillo

      Gran Cerdo’s label really is a work of art. The demonic...

      Cupcake Vineyards California Red Velvet 2011

      I have a theory that the average American tooth (by which...

      Hubert Brochard Cuvée 2010, Sancerre

      Sancerre produces some of the most delicious white wines that are...

      Seasonal Cocktail Don’ts and Dos: Sham Ports and Tawny Pains

      Christmas and New Year’s Eve are recognized traditional windows for normalized...

      Any Port in a Storm? Warre’s Otima Vs Tesco’s, 10-Year-Old Tawnies

      Tawny port was perhaps the one big surprise of my WSET...

      Tesco Chateau Tanesse 2006 Bordeaux

      Ever since reading Henry Jeffreys’ blog about how to bluff your...
      New Zealand

      Ara Pathway Marlborough Pinot Noir 2010

      A gorgeously designed bottle, this, giving a sense of the refined?subtlety...

      Mavrodaphne Of Patras, Sweet Red

      “Mavrodaphne of Patras” is only the third Greek wine I’ve ever...

      Quirky Bird Shiraz Mourvedre Viognier 2012

      I really wanted to like this. I’m?into?quirky wines – at least...

      Blind Guardian French Syrah

      Blind Guardian are a German power metal band, so of course...
      New Zealand

      Allan Scott Marlborough Pinot Noir 2010

      A large proportion of the wine I choose to drink comes...

      Amon Amarth Swedish-Australian Shiraz

      A friend recently brought to my attention that Swedish Viking metal...

      Vin de Pays de Franche-Comte Pinot Noir Vignoble Guillaume 2009

      This is the sort of wine label that would have made...